Resilience has been defined as an attitude that enables the individual to examine, enhance and utilise the strengths, characteristics and other resources available to him or her. Resilience is vital for us to reach deadlines and achieve all our tasks in our day to day lives, both personally and professionally.In an age of constant change and uncertainty, growing challenges and expectations we never know what’s around the corner, we need to be able to adjust and adapt, our programmes provide the tools to help you do this. Things such as health problems, relocation, the breakdown of a relationship, and change in employment circumstances are all unplanned and catch us off guard.

Building one’s resilience is necessary to successfully cope with and manage life’s hurdles. Resilient people are able to change course and move onward.  More importantly, we need to sustain and build energy in order to perform well in work and our personal lives. To perfect our work/life balance.

Energy 4 Resilience design their workshops around you, with the option of running them over 1 or 2 day’s. Our goal is to help you to maximise your output while maintaining high personal energy levels. How to prioritise tasks and to remove some of the stress that we mount upon ourselves in our day to day lives

Goals of the Resilience program

  • The Energy 4 Resilience programmes allow you to learn sustainable life changes for improved performance both personally and professionally.
  • Focus on strategic eating to fuel more movement, learn strategies for mental focus and how to engage with others.
  • We look to identify different learning skills and we adapt our delivery to suit these styles. We appreciate that everyone has different abilities and we want to maximise their resources.
  • Our coaching empowers the client to use more of their talents and strengths to unlock their own potential.
  • At Energy 4 Resilience we look to connect with all our clients by delivering a fun, interactive, and engaging programme.
  • Discover more about yourself and use this knowledge to create more energy to do the things you enjoy most in life